Education: It Is Never Late to Learn

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The phrase "it is never late to learn" is connected with the rhetorician of the Roman Empire – Quintilian, who lived about two thousand years ago. Nowadays no one doubts that it is the pure truth. Mankind is definitely going through the self-improvement and has all the opportunities to do it. Whether you a student, you have already graduated from the college or you postponed studying in the university for later because of the job, you always have a chance to get extra knowledge. All you need is a will. 

It Is Never Late 

At the beginning of school year, the idea of ​​education begins to pressure us from all sides: you come back to your college or university full of will to know something new or with a strong will to change your specialty. Every year we ask ourselves, what about enrolling interesting courses or resuming the abandoned studying of French? It is sad to admit that the answer "too late" or, at best, "maybe later" sounds more often than the opposite one. When it comes to the university education or getting Ph.D. level, which will inevitably extend over several years, we immediately start counting: if I start now, in the end, I will be a 30-year-old person with absence of private life. Also, you may find a good job and you will have no time for education due to the tight schedule. Not every student can cope with both studying and work.

Where to Start?

First of all, you must stop counting. These numbers are only signs and symbols. They were invented by people to facilitate their affairs. They are not the indicators of our successes and failures. The number itself does not mean anything other than the actual amount of certain conventional units. All labels that society puts on us, all the associations that were historically developed - that all are just products of mass culture, that you may ignore as well. It is believed that person reaches success at the age of 20-25. Although, there are a lot of examples when people find their place after 30 years. If now you study something you are not into, you are not doomed. If you have a strong will to study and do what you like, life will give you an opportunity. For example, 102-year-old Ma Xiuxian from China went to school to get education. She did not have time for it at a youth age because she had to work in order to provide herself with food. Now she finally has time for what she really wants to do. The internet and local newspapers are full of such stories even in the most affluent countries because the desire to develop is not limited to the scope of the age, but a will to become better, smarter and faster.

Memory Tricks

There is an opinion that the brain becomes less productive over time: after 20 years’ memory deteriorates, it becomes harder to remember and easier to forget. Scientists also say that the memory of modern generation has deteriorated because of the abundance of widely available information. Thus, in order to remember something, you need to make more effort than it was required from the previous generation. Do not make hasty conclusions – the memory mechanism is much harder than it seems, and some things about memory become better with age. Journalist Malcolm Gladwell promotes the idea that in order to achieve success in any field, you need to spend 10,000 hours on its development. Thus, during your life, you can get at least seven professions! This approach is perfectly connected with the mobility trend. Students around the world tend not to work a lifetime for a large company, but on the contrary, they want to disclose all their abilities. Active students are not afraid of journeys for education or work.

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Stop Comparing

You are the creator of your fate. Life is not a straight line. It is also important to decide what "success" means to you personally. People should stop comparing themselves with peers or those who are younger, and honestly answer themselves – what do they want? For example, thoughts like “I am an 18-year-old college student living with parents and Justin Bieber has already been a star at my age” may cause a serious depression. The desire to learn (not in the sense of the delay to enter the adulthood) is our right and even a privilege. People all over the world benefit from educational opportunities. In Africa, such as Sudan or Ethiopia, activists are actively fighting for the rights to get the education. This will give them the opportunity to financially support themselves in the future.

Second Education

The greatest benefit of the second education is that many things are perceived much easier, and therefore many cases are easier to engage. Remember how a failure on the test seemed like the end of the world. Now everything has changed, you are an advanced person. Second education advantages are obvious. First of all, it is finally possible to take a calm approach, without any hysterics and thoughts that college is a sadistic obligatory step. Finally, this is your deliberate choice. You can learn what you really want, not what was chosen for you by your mom/dad/grandma or banal lack of understanding of what you are interested in.

Do It in Order Not to Regret

The idea that things should be done quickly is outdated. Biologically we can do everything we want until the death. People of all ages are equally in need of socialization and intellectually stimulating conversation. Studying may give it all to you. Even assuming that the memory will deteriorate, you can train it with learning. As a result, the obstacle between the desire to learn something and its realization is the excuses. Make a thought experiment, if you come back from your future: do you regret about not doing something? Maybe it is the right time to start doing something about it right now. You can always plan everything in accordance with your priorities if the education is one of them. If you really want to study, or even get a new profession, do not be afraid of all the above. The main thing is not to be afraid of something new.


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