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The weather outside makes us want to get in the cozy sweater, make a cacao and read an interesting book. Nevertheless, the desire does not always coincide with the possibilities, and a lot of people do not manage to get the ball rolling when it comes to reading. Someone does not know how to choose a book, while others just do not find the time, distracted by other things. Things get easier if you want to read fiction, but when it comes to studying materials, only the deadline may force you to read it. Also, if you decide to try distance education during your college, you will be able to read a lot. Here are some tips that will teach you to love and read books on a regular basis.

Make a Priority

The desire to read sounds great, but the reality is different. From the childhood, people are taught the idea that they have to read all the time, but this statement quickly turns a pleasant experience into an obligatory option. In order to turn any business into the pleasure, you need to understand why exactly you are doing it, and reading is not an exception. If you have to write a lot, reading will help you to learn how to do it faster and better. Regular reading not only helps to maintain brain abilities in tone but also opens the mind and develops the logic. This is a great exercise for the developing your imagination, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

Buy Kindle

One of the most popular tip when it comes to reading is "carry a book with you." Although, a few potential problems are in this tip. First, not everyone wants to carry a heavy volume, even if he really wants to read it. Second reason is the price. Nowadays if you have to choose between a good paper book and a dinner, you will probably choose a dinner. This problem may be solved by any convenient reader using the electronic ink: it is easy to carry, and it will not influence your eyes badly. The true leader in this segment is the Kindle. With their eBook, you can legally gain the access to the heritage of world literature for a little pay. In addition, Amazon often holds the book sales.

Download Some Handy Application

If you do not mind reading from the screen of the smartphone or tablet, then the endless possibilities open. Firstly, there are several excellent applications libraries, where all new books appear in a few days. For a small fee, you can legally and easily read whatever you want. For those who would like to speed up the reading technique, there are special applications for quick reading aides such as Spritz. By the way, if you cannot focus on reading, the white noise may help you. You can easily find it on the Internet.

E-Ink Books

Start Making Lists

Compiling a list and stick to it is a great way to read more if you can do it. Otherwise, do not torture yourself. If you are so tired after reading the list positions that can do nothing, it is time to realize that this is just another form of procrastination. Let other people do it for you. You can navigate your favorite sites like Goodreads, lists applications, tops of the online stores or shortlists of respectable awards like Booker. Pay attention to your favorite writers whose books you read with pleasure - surely their advice gets the bull's eye. For example, you can focus on the Stephen King`s book list for beginning writers, favorite books of Haruki Murakami or the choice of JK Rowling.

Do Not Use the Gadgets If They Distract You

The continuing flow of information has turned an update on the social networks into real. The more distracted you are, the less you store and thus it is more difficult to understand the reading. If you do not feel the strength not to be distracted by every like on Facebook, it is better to turn the flight mode on, while you are reading. In addition, the full concentration on the book will train your attention.

Get Out of the Comfort Zone

Another tip to read more is "read what you like." This beautiful advice works exactly as long as every good book of the genre has been read. Begin to move away from the favorite section of literature step by step: try related genres or bestsellers of the year, which seem to be good. Go to a bookstore. It is not necessary to buy something, just walk between the shelves and pay attention to the books that otherwise you would simply never found. Also, you may join a book club, which can be real and virtual, such as on YouTube or Reddit.

Turn Reading into a Habit

The easiest way to read more is to read at a certain period of time. Someone advises to do it before going to bed, and other – in the morning. In general, the choice is up to you, the main thing is to do it every day. This approach works for any hobby. Even if you do it for 15 minutes a day, you can achieve more than if you do nothing at all. It is recommended to read a certain amount of pages or at least do it for half an hour. There is a 10% percent rule, implying that you read a tenth of the total volume of the book at once. Before you say "I do not have time," think how many hours a day you spend on the social networks. In order to find the time, you just need to assign a specific hour and stick to it.

Do Not Hurry

The rule is simple: you must read with a comfortable speed. You can assign a specific amount, such as 20 pages a day. The high-speed reading is a good ability, but not everyone will like such an approach. Reading must not become just another item on the to-do-list of mandatory cases. Let it be the time for rest when you do not need to think about the studying or work. Try not to take several books at once: the more focused you are, the more likely you will be able to read a selected book to the end.

 Try Audiobooks

The audiobook is an ordinary thing nowadays. It is easy to read an entire novel, which paper form scared you with the numbers of volumes. It is particularly convenient to listen to audiobooks on the road or during the monotonous work. Reading in the subway, for example, is not recommended. It is believed that it is a great strain on the eyes, so an audiobook in isolating headphones is an excellent alternative. Washing dishes or cleaning will transform if you listen to someone pleasant voice reading aloud.

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