You VS New Language: What Stays Between?

Not only the lack of time prevents you from learning languages, but also your workplace or another equally important goal. The reasons can be quite different. Many see the lack of time as an excuse, others say that they are not good enough. No matter what excuse you’ve used, it’s not true. You can master any language and learn to benefit from wasted time. Nevertheless, there are always things that keep you from doing what you want. These can be ordinary, everyday things, but they can also be personal.

You are the only warior in the battlefield in your head. Thus, you need a strategy, and you need to get aware of your opponents. Overall, having thought everything over, you can see that the task may be achievable even without the noticeable losses. So, what are your main obstacles?

Motivation, Happiness, and Anticipation

First of all, it’s time to start your learning because, unfortunately, this is often the hardest part. In the beginning, you are full of motivation, happiness, and anticipation of what will happen. However, you may lose your motivation at some point. That’s why you should create a learning plan right from the beginning and take learning into your own hands! Of course, it is crucial to learn regularly and not too much in a day! Find your time and learn what you think is right.

Everyday Things

When your struggles have finally been put on the right track, everyday tasks can intervene and prevent you from learning languages. You also know the days when one appointment chases the next one and you feel happy in the evening when you have done everything. Endless duties leave no time for you and your study goals. But what would a learning plan be without a solution for this problem? You cannot imagine how much free time you have, even on stressful days: in transport, during your meal breaks, etc. If you want to know some ideas, then read some articles on how to integrate your learning into everyday life.

Leave Everyday Things Alone


Being perfect is boring, is not it? Those who learn languages ​​also know that mistakes will be made and it is more than okay.  Actually, if everything goes too smoothly, this is a clear indicator that you have selected a wrong track. Our faults for some reason bring a better life lesson than our achievements, and the same works here. You do not learn anything new and never improve yourself. Perfectionism is a real problem. Many language learners want to be able to speak a language without any defects. But it does not work. Turn off the soft voice in your head that always reminds you of perfectionism. Be yourself. Make mistakes. See them as a chance to learn something new. So, you will quickly see the progress in your learning process!

Working Out. I Mean Both: Physical and Mental

No, I do not mean that you should go to the gym regularly. Although, sports also have a positive effect on your thinking. Above all, I mean you should train your memory. In language learning, a bad memory helps you more than a photographic memory. A photographic memory helps to learn by heart and that will not help you much in the situations where you need to master the grammar and speech of a new country. Train your memory and learn to use it in the right way. How does it work? That’s so easy! Of course, you need to learn the words so that you can form a sentence. But this is the point where you can go a little further.  Make sentences about the words to help you remember them better or try other funny methods.  Simple memorization is boring after all!

Keep Your Goal in Mind

Even the goal in mind can be an obstacle, which keeps you from learning languages. Do not get us wrong because we always preach that you should have a goal. Basically, having a goal in mind is good, but taking breaks is even better. It does not matter if you reach your destination one hour earlier or later, or even a month sooner or later. It is important to have fun and reward yourself with little breaks. These do not have to be big stages that you’ve mastered, it can also be very small ones that are meaningful to you. I know it sounds paradoxical, but nothing keeps you farther from learning languages ​​ than the constant compulsion to continue learning. Enjoy your success!

Chill out and Take a Step Back

Your Workplace

Yes, that’s right, even your workplace can keep you from learning. What is bad in sittng in your office and performing your regular duties? Well, a lot of things. A language requires using it. Go out, visit new cities, get to know new countries and their culture. It is impossible to learn the language sitting in the same place all the time! We are not saying that you should get rid of your desk now. Just try all means to get as many benefits from the process as possible. Be creative, read books, listen to music, and meet people who learn the same language as you.

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