Bosphore Academie is specialized in teaching Foreign Languages. It opened its doors in October 2011, on the Avenue Mohammed V, in an area known to be an educational pole thanks to the number of private universities, training schools and cultural centers that had established in it over the years.

Bosphore Academie’s building was specially designed to provide to its students the best learning,  by granting them the possibility to use the most sophisticated educational material  the Information and communication technologies ICT could offer . Indeed, all classrooms equipped with the necessary audiovisual material, interactive whiteboards and all modern teaching equipments related to language teaching mainly.

This in addition to its highly qualified teaching team, and its administrative staff,  which had been chosen for being friendly, attentive to the students’ needs, and for their experience and effectiveness.

Through the teaching of languages, the mission that Bosphore Academie has set to itself, is to offer students the opportunity to expand their knowledge, to make them discover new cultures, and to prepare them for a prestigious professional career.

A Junior  program was also specially conceived for children, presented by experimented pedagogue teachers, mastering fully the use of ICT (information and communication  technology for teaching),  offering children through games and interactive equipments,   an instructive as much as an entertaining teaching.


Mission and Goals


Bosphore Academie's misson is to:

invest in people as our basis

 maintain high professional standards in all its educational activities

 base all its plans on customer satisfaction and works with experts

 employ only as teachers who have professional training and qualifications in teaching languages

 observe a high standard of professional and commercial conduct in all its dealings with students, clients, staff and the general public

believe that success increases as it is shared 


Playing the pioneering role in language teaching and education market in Tunisia as a language school with both local and global point of view is Bosphore's unique goal.

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