Bosphore Academie is a center for the education of classical Arabic language to non-native speakers according to international quality standards and provides the best elements of the teaching staff and qualified experts and expansion in the use of media and new technologies.



Our Mission in BOSPHORE ACADEMIE is to provide instruction and opportunities to learn Arabic for non-native speakers from diverse linguistic, religious and national backgrounds.


To contribute to the continuing dialogue between nations and world cultures and foster tolerance and open interaction among them.

To promote the Arabic language and to provide students with opportunities to learn about the role of Arabic in human history and the development of modern society.



In teaching Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), the program uses the communicative language approach, which includes the use of multimedia with a focus on the variety of the language used throughout the Arabic speaking world, especially in print and electronic media, and in educational and academic settings, as well as other aspects of daily life. The program offers a number of courses designed to develop all skills; i.e. listening, speaking, reading, writing, media Arabic, modern literature, and classical literature. In addition to formal classes, the program funds monthly excursions and cultural activities around Tunisian Universities where Arabic is used. Trips to museums and recreation sites are an integral part of the program. Student participation in these curricular and extracurricular activities links the language acquired in class to the larger Tunisian and Arab contexts.



Students in the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Program come from extremely diverse backgrounds. Some seek Arabic language skills for the religious reasons, while others maintain a cultural or academic interest in Arabic. The program maintains associations and agreements with public and private sector organizations throughout the world to admit a limited number of students nominated by these organizations.



Our method of teaching Arabic language includes several levels. After completion of these levels, the learner will be able to use the Arabic language for talking, writing, and understanding.



The books which we use have been designed by teachers who have had a long experience on the field. They have been developed according to the guidelines and official syllabus of the board of education and make use of teaching tools and methods which have been experienced and have proved efficient. Moreover these books have been used in situ, within the classroom, among non Arabic-speaking students of various ages, nationalities and backgrounds.

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