Steps 1 / Level A1

The German course for beginners/ level A1, proposed by Bosphore Academie provides a basic level of German language knowledge according to the the guidelines of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


The course is taught by native speakers of German teachers in 8 course units (each unit = 6 h). The teaching materials are acquired with the course fee and students learn step by step, how to communicate in simple everyday situations.


By learning specific exercises on phonetics, writing and speaking training  during the lessons, the students are  prepared to the Test/ Certificate/ A1.


After successfully completing the examination at Bosphore Academie, each student receives  a Certificate.

Educational content


Following the course and workbook (Hueber), different teaching content (see detailed scheme in the Appendix) will be provided. After successful participation of course A1 / 1 The student will be able to:

  • to answer and understand simple questions concerning the person
  • to understand basic information and phone messages and run smoothly  ‘Smalltalk’
  • to introduce himself and others, answering to questions about the person as part of a conversation
  • to understand Key points from written messages, advertisements, letters, newspaper articles, descriptions
  • to recommend short personal messages
  • communicate easily with the interlocutors in everyday situations, can formulate questions and requests.

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