Provide fundamental Turkish grammar, pronunciation, and comprehension exercises appropriate to the students’ proficiency level of Turkish.

– Present a comprehensive array of Turkish learning activities in order to engage students with relevant and useful content;

– Improve students’ familiarity with and comprehension of spoken Turkish with an emphasis on conversation exercises and listening activities to further develop language fluency.

– Focus on improving the interpersonal and intercultural communication skills of students as well as their ability to participate in classroom discussion and oral presentation assignments in Turkish.

The course is designed to be both educational and enjoyable for the stu¬dents recognizing that effective learning environments develop when learners are both comfortable with and engaged in the content presented


Fundamental Turkish grammar structures and the exploration of Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, and other challenging characteristics of the Turkish language

– Further development of vocabulary relevant to the discipline of general practices in Turkish

– Oral Presentation standards, guidelines and practices within Turkish speaking environments


Course activities will include, but not be limited to:

– Flip Chart, Power Point / lecture presentations and exercises focusing on grammar, reading, writing that are appropriate for the stu¬dents’ proficiency level of Turkish

– Exploration of current periodicals and publications

– Presentation of documentary and/or popular films relevant to the discipline


• Textbook.

• Magazines/Periodicals

• Internet/TV/Radio Broadcasting Segments

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