Essay Writing: Why Lectures Are Outdated

Bored Student

There are a lot of techniques for studying and improving your skills. All the teaching methods have a clear pattern: first, the professor gives you the material, and after it, there are the following tests/tasks/projects. A lot of students do not like to listen to the lectures, and it is normal. According to the recent studies, a lecture is an outdated method. Maybe, it is time, if not to abandon, but seriously reconsider the approach to the lectures: change the format, content, and obviously reduce the loads in favor of increasing the practical component. It is clear that this transition will completely break the existing system of higher education, but perhaps it may show the way to increase the efficiency of educational work. Here are some points to mention if you want to write an essay on this topic.

Save Productivity: Useful Tools and Lifehacks

Exhausted Student

Despite the fact that cloudy cold weather stimulates you to study better, the cold months are not the most pleasant time even for a city dweller. You may stay at home with a cup of tea and improve your reading skills, but college tasks will not simply disappear. No matter how tired you are, you need to save productivity. From the biochemical, and psychological point of view, the fall and winter months are really more difficult for a human: zero moods and apathy impact the productivity. A study of sociologists Scott Golder and Michael Mesi was published in the journal Science in 2011. They analyzed the tweets of users from different parts of the world and came to the conclusion that we wake up approximately in the same mood at any time of the year, but it worsens as fast as the light day shortens.

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